Nice to See


Nice to See is a space where I'll be sharing visuals that I make and find interesting. They won't necessarily belong to a bigger project and they are nowhere close to finished. They can be scraps, little exercises, side projects - anything nice to look at.


+++ halftone visual experiments +++

Cross pointed halftone experiments of the photograph of a tree. It kind of mimics the way embroidery functions.

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 12.31.43.png
Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 12.31.32.png
Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 12.31.19.png
Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 12.31.11.png

fan fun

This project has no name as of yet - it's pretty new! It is a self initiated project I am doing with my friend Terrie Ferdinand with the aim to better our digital illustration skills. Every two weeks, in turns, we send each other a photograph and so we have to draw something we see in that photograph using Adobe Illustrator. The only rule is that we have 20 minutes, this way there is no excuse. 

We show each other the 20 minute image and then we are free to explore further if we had fun and want to continue having it. Or if the process opened an appetite for exploration.

The following are experiments that have occurred from pushing my 20 minute image (featured last) further. The initial photograph is a secret.

My original 20 minute illustration

My original 20 minute illustration


globalwebindex twitter infograph 

This project is the result of a 4 day activity for which I was given an Excel sheet of data about Twitter (2012) courtesy of GlobalWebIndex.

I decided to show all datasets provided: Global Twitter registered accounts in 2012, active users, their location, demographics and behaviours.

I created an interactive digital interface. I used a circle/sphere to represent the data being of global scale and to also create a system which held the Twitter 'universe'. I then divided this sphere into 2 areas: Account Ownership Area (which showed growth in 2012) and Active Users Area (which was the center of focus).

Within the Active Users Area, the user of the interface is able to find where people who use Twitter are from, what they do and what they get up to on the social media platform.

You can try the interactive wireframe here.


remix or possibility of a book

A two day workshop with Avigail Reiner from The Studio from Tel Aviv. Avigail got us to consider and question the status of the printed book, its position as an autonomous work of art as well as a means of self expression. The workshop aimed to re-examine two existing books, by editing and inserting new materials, visual and textual, in order to create an unique format.


Magazine Club Monthly Poster

While at my internship at Geometry Global I designed an eight page broad sheet for their Magazine Club (every month someone different from the office can offer to design it if they have any ideas). The purpose of it is to invite colleagues to check out the magazine stand, introduce magazines and recommend good articles. Here is one page that I thought really worked as a poster also. Images all come from an article in issue 17 of Apartamento magazine.