1. Brand Refresh

Brand design / 2021
Brand refresh Duffel

Duffel is focused on democratising the travel industry through easy-to-use APIs. Building the infrastructure that underpins the travel industry in an effort to make it accessible for anyone who wishes to sell travel.

This was the first project we had as a team when I first joined Duffel — we were a team of 3 brand designers with the support of the wider design team (+2 product designers) . Our manager lead the project.

The project took 2 quarters from start to completion (Q3 and Q4 2021). The first quarter we used for brand definition, the second quarter for design and implementation.

The goal was to give the brand a fresh lick of paint in order to make sure the foundations of the brand were ready for company and team growth. We needed to better represent the state of the brand and the value Duffel delivers. Also more consistency across the product suite with a smoother way of working with other teams across the business.

Read all about the process here︎︎︎