2. Swag

Swag / 2022
Pride 2022 celebrations Duffel

Pronoun enamel pins created for Duffel employees to take from the office from the month of June 2022 onwards. These were also given out at the Elixir 2022 Conference as it coincided with Pride month this year.

We also gave out postcards to wish everyone ‘Happy Pride!’, organised in-house events and created TV screensavers for all meeting rooms — which are to stay on until next year.

Swag / 2021
4th Anniversary swag Duffel

Bespoke gift given to everyone at Duffel to celebrate Duffel’s fourth anniversary. We created a quick celebratory identity featuring simple illustrations and details such as the hand showing four fingers, exclamation marks and the date. The deliverables included a postcard, water bottle with tube packaging and also TV screensavers for all of the meeting rooms.

Swag / 2021-2022
Airline integrations appreciation tokens Duffel

Tokens of appreciation for the Engineering teams working on airline integrations at Duffel. I created each enamel pin bespoke for every airline the teams were working on. This project was really successful, making engineers want to collect them and even motivating them to help out with airline integrations. Received loads of positive feedback on these.

Swag / 2021
2022 Anniversary patch Duffel

Embroidered patch created to gift to everyone at Duffel celebrating their anniversary in 2022 - accompannied by a postcard.

Every year the patch has a theme following a travel milestone in history, this one being: 100 years since the British Civil Aviation Authority was established (1922)

For a little context, on people’s 2nd anniversary at Duffel, they receive a bomber jacket as well as a patch and they can collect these on the jacket if they wish to.

Swag / 2022
Houses of Duffel logo revamp and stickers Duffel

Revamp of the Houses of Duffel logos with the aim to restore excitement around house challenges and socials. These were made into stickers for each house.

The Houses of Duffel are similar to the houses in Harry Potter. Everyone that joins Duffel gets assigned to a house and takes part in challenges which usually happen at company socials in order to earn points and win a prize at the end of the year.