3. Information Design


Information design / 2021
Payments diagram for the website Duffel

Diagram created to explain how the Duffel Payments API works, where it sits in relation to the Flights API and also within a business.

The diagram sits on the Payments page of the website currently - see it here. It’s aim is to help the audience quickly understand that the Duffel Payments API would sit inside of the business wishing to sell flights. Using the API would make money received from travel buyers instantly available for the business to pay the airlines. Usually the business would pay the airline themselves while they wait for the money they receive to reach them due to transactional delays.

I created two versions, one to fit desktop and another to fit mobile.

Early explorations below to show the stages I went through to work out the best solution.

Information design / 2021
Payments diagram for developer docs Duffel

Diagram to explain how Duffel Payments works to developers, to live on Duffel’s developer documentation.

Information design / 2022
Email confirmation diagram for merchants Duffel

This diagram exists to help merchants understand which information they need to include in flight confirmation emails. At Duffel it is used to educate both internally and externally.