1. MonPiopio


Personal work / 2024
MonPiopio Branding and sewing

I really wanted to find something I could make from these little samples, most of them about A5 in size. Quilting is the first thing to come to mind and what made the most sense. At the time I also started seeing a few people wearing these oversized scrunchies which I loved.

So these two ideas came together in my head and I was creating a pattern for quilted oversized scrunchies, through trial and error I found the perfect process. I made a total of 7 scrunchies out of one Kvadrat sample book and I sold them super quickly on my instagram stories.

Now this has become a passion project I work on in my own time. I’ve now created a little brand and organised a couple of photoshoots with my super talented friends which have been really fun.

Photography by Joseph Lockley