3. Internal branding


Internal branding / 2023
Hackathon Motorway

Motorway holds an annual company-wide hackathon each summer. Every year, teams are given a specific theme to focus on, accompanied by a unique brand.

In 2023, the chosen theme was 'speed', with the brief providing little guidance beyond that. Given the internal nature of this project, there was ample room for bending rules and having fun!

The objective of this project was to turn Hackday into an experience that would inspire and excite the team, getting them ready to have some fun.

Whilst being short on time and working on this alongside my other projects, I decided to go with the simple route of visualising speed.

Despite its simplicity, I found this concept to be quite striking, and one that many could quickly understand.

For colour, I used swatches from Motorway’s secondary colour palette. This instantly felt like quite a departure from the way in which these colours are regularly used. However, as still part of the brand and well received by the team, I decided to keep them. I made sure to consistently adhere to other brand elements, such as the brand font.

I also created gradients to give it a slick and exciting look.
The gradients worked really well with holographic stickers as little tokens of appreciation for the day.

Internal branding / 2023
Pride 2023 Motorway

This project had a super quick turnaround. I worked on the stickers in one day as they needed to be sent to production. I then used them as the main visuals for all internal assets for the event such as office screens of different sizes, slack emojis and cupcake toppers.