1. Dealer brand architecture

Branding and campaign / 2024
Dealer brand architecture Motorway

is an app that helps people sell their car quickly and easily from the comfort of their home. Motorway is comprised of two brands:
- A B2C brand which is seller facing (widely recognised - face of brand)
- A B2B brand which is dealer facing
I’m currently the lead brand designer for the Dealer brand.

Motorway has an extensive network of car dealers who everyday bid on the vehicles put up for sale by the sellers using the app. 
The goal of the Dealer brand is to support dealers in acquiring the best possible used car stock online.

The Dealer Marketing Manager briefed me for this project, providing a structure for the new Motorway Dealer sub-brands. These sub-brands represent new products/services under the Motorway umbrella for dealers.

I led the project and had feedback sessions with the rest of the design team, including brand and product designers, as well as the co-founder, who is also a designer.

The project required a quick turnaround because the go-to-market campaign for Motorway Move, one of the sub-brands, was already underway when I received the briefing. I had two weeks to deliver the logos. After this, I collaborated with a product designer to incorporate the logos into the design system. Additionally, I created guidelines to ensure their correct usage.

The goal of the project was to solidify the Dealer brand hierarchy with the aim of generating greater brand equity. The sub-brands should also have the capability of standing on their own outside Motorway context, such as the Motorway Collect app in the App Store.

Here are some snippets of the Motorway Move brand guidelines.

Some snippets on how the brand was applied to go-to-market campaign deliverables. A marketing page, CRM, notifications, decks and an animation.

Motorway Collect and Motorway Dispatch are services that sit together with Motorway Move as part of the vehicle transport offering.

Motorway Collect is the app which the drivers who are picking up the cars (on behalf of the dealers) use to do vehicle appraisals.
Motorway Dispatch is the internal system which Motorway uses to assign drivers to pick up cars and all the logistics around that.

I worked together with a product designer to understand further needs and uses for the sub-brand logos, such as the need to have them within buttons.